One Day Diary

First thing i hear is that horrible noise; my alarm @6:00 am , now i only haveone hour to hit the road to my work ,and it’s a one hour drive…it’s great.

Got dressed, quick makeup a sip of water and normally  breakfast but didn’t feel like it today, so skip that (wasn’t a good idea i must say!!).

I was just about to open the door and head out when my beloved mother delivered the bad news of ” you can’t take the car today, i need it”, that means standing in the sun in the street waiting for a taxi and only god knows how long that will take, THAT’S OKAY it will be fine ” telling myself repeatedly “.

So I’ve been standing here for 15 min. and still no luck, this day is just going really well, isn’t it 🙂 It finally has arrived and it was one of those days which the traffic was horrible, people were out of their minds basically, hot, disgusting, busy and the one of what makes it hard to do anything…

And only thing going through my mind right now is that i have to ride another taxi back home, am i thinking too much?!

Thank god today wasn’t as busy as i thought it would be only ten tasks and the deadline is the end of the day, i’m fine do i want to quit? No ,NO ,well maybe, yes but shut up!

SO work day is over, time to head home with another lovely taxi driver, he was literally    calling all of his friends on the phone telling them how much he regrets taking someone (who was me) from the this area because there’s so much traffic here, i mean why don’t you just give your taxi to someone who wants to work, how about that?! what a horrible ride that was…

Anyway, arriving home is my favorite hobby xD , it’s honestly the best part about my day, the place where i feel safe, comfortable, and full of food of course, remember how i skipped breakfast, sorry stupidly skipped breakfast? Yea it’s 6:00 pm and still haven’t had it, so all i gotta do now is to eat, tuck myself on the sofa and do absolutely nothing till a late hour then go and do my other hobby; sleeping xD , and you know what happiness is? not having to set the alarm for the next day 😀 tomorrow is a good day cause it’s the weekend..YESSS!!